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Employee Engagement & Skills Framework Technology


Looking to enhance employee engagement and career development? My Employee Engagement and Skills Framework Technology can help. The solution is highly customizable and offers the opportunity for bespoke development based on a comprehensive framework for managing skills and career development. It empowers employees to assess and proactively address performance gaps through self-directed learning. With a highly refined and optimized business solutioning process, the end-to-end development can be completed in weeks even for bespoke versions.

  1. Click here to view the generic demo configuration.

  2. Click here for an overview of the public instance of a client's configuration

Information Gathering, Contextual Research, and Desktop Analysis
  • Description: Collection of essential data and contextual information to inform platform development.

  • Process Overview: Stakeholder interviews, data analysis, and industry benchmarking.

  • Deliverable: Summary of information mapping and customization for deployment

  • Timeframe: From 30 hours

Prototype Development and Refining
  • Description: Creation and refinement of a customizable OD platform prototype.

  • Process Overview: Agile development methodology, user feedback incorporation, and iterative refinement.

  • Deliverable: Prototype for review with selected users

  • Timeframe: From 70 hours

  • Description: Seamless deployment of the OD platform within your organization.

  • Process Overview: Integration with existing systems, user training, and initial support.

  • Deliverable: Live application deployed

  • Timeframe: From 20 hours

  • Description: Ongoing support and maintenance to ensure platform efficacy and relevance.

  • Process Overview: Regular updates, user support, and performance monitoring.

  • Deliverable: Ongoing platform maintenance and support

  • Timeframe: From 4 hours/month

Client Case Studies

Examples of work done with various clients can be discussed in the context of opportunities being explored on an exploratory call.

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