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Skills Frameworks &  Platforms

I create effective skills frameworks and taxonomies for end-users with the capability to deploy the framework through a unique platform. I developed a version of this solution for the Singapore Exchange (SGX), which was part of an HR Award submission that they won. I also recently developed a version for the Saudi Finance Academy, tailored to their competency framework.

My approach is contextual and bespoke and can be completed in as little as 14-16 weeks and for a lot less than you think! If you don't have a skills framework, don't worry. We have a ready-to-use framework that can be adapted to your context. 

End-User Task: Browse Using the Framework

Goal: To uncover new “roles” using the framework architecture and view them from a competency perspective, considering sectors, job families, and job levels.

End-User Task: Finding Next Role Opportunities Using the Framework

Goal: To discover new career possibilities, receive role recommendations graded from easy to hard.

End-User Task: Explore Career Paths Using the Framework

Goal: To gain inspiration for career growth by mapping paths from current roles to desired ones.

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