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Leaders Be Real: The Power of Real Human Connections at Work

In all my time working with and in various organizations, there’s one thing I've always aimed for: getting to connect with the person, not just the job title. It’s kind of like seeing the human behind the mask we all wear at work. I strive to connect with the actual person in each role, not just the facade of the role they are performing.

Most of us, without even realizing it, end up showing our 'work selves' more than our 'real selves' in the office. This shields our true personality and personal drives behind job titles, responsibilities, and corporate protocols. It's like we’re playing a part. But here’s the catch – when we just interact with the role and not the person playing it, we miss out on something big: their true purpose, their real drive. Let’s face it, the daily grind and the constant hustle can sometimes make us a bit... robotic. And that’s where we lose the magic of real human connection.

Interacting with someone solely based on their job role means that we may not be able to fully access their purposefulness, intentionality, and humanity in that role. Often, the pressures of work and the complexities of office politics lead professionals to suppress their innate human attributes. This results in a diminished version of the person that hinders tapping into the real value and shared mission that underpins working relationships.

In the work I do, I aim to shift this dynamic. I’ve made it my goal to shake things up a bit. I want to help leaders and decision-makers I work with on their projects and initiatives to pause, step back from the never-ending to-do list, and really reconnect. Reconnect with what drives them, their goals, and passions. I'm talking about opening up to the emotional side of their jobs – the excitement, the hope, the drive to make a difference.

And let me tell you, when this connection happens, it’s like a lightbulb moment. It changes not just how we feel about our work but also what we achieve through it. It’s about making our work life not just more successful but more meaningful too.

Encouraging teams to connect based on their shared aspirations rather than just professional duties fosters a more human-centered approach to collaboration. This approach creates a work culture that inspires employees to work towards achieving common organizational objectives while feeling appreciated on a personal level.

So, here’s what I’m getting at: let’s try to see the people around us in their full color, not just as cogs in the machine. It’s about creating a space where being real is valued more than just being efficient. Believe me, it’s not just good for our souls; it’s great for business too.


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