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Down, Not Out: Embrace the Developmental Power of Every Experience

I’ve had many setbacks and challenging periods in my life, and who can say they haven't? I have come to realize that I have produced some of my best work when under pressure from setbacks. I seem to always be navigating through such challenges, which makes me wonder if it is because I am constantly pursuing my dream of wanting to make a real difference.

Anyway, the setback I am currently navigating feels like the most challenging of them all, or maybe it just feels that way because I’m older. Regardless, one thing I know for sure is that eventually, this one will pass just as the others have. The important thing is where I end up at the end of it. And that’s entirely up to me and what I do in, and with the moments that lead up to that point when it’s all in the past. 

I respond differently to every new challenging setback or period compared to how I responded to previous ones because of the benefit of the insights from those previous experiences. I have these insights because I process my experiences with reflective practice and deductive reasoning to construct meaning and extract knowledge that informs my perspectives on life, agency, and success. Through critical reflective thinking, I have come to appreciate how valuable experiences, specifically setbacks and challenging ones, are in developing human capacity and capability. Our experiences stretch and expand our cognitive, emotional, and social capacities, which we can draw upon to develop capabilities that help us show up better in current and future experiences.

I believe everyone has the potential to succeed in their lives, regardless of their roles. With each new experience, I continue to refine this belief, focusing on different aspects depending on the season. Currently, I am placing an emphasis on human-centeredness, especially in a world that is increasingly dominated by technology. I am also paying close attention to the importance of holistic wellness and what it means to remain human in all aspects of life and our various roles.

I know every setback “comes to pass” in time. I know the impact of deep critical reflection, and I know what we create through these experiences lasts much longer than the experience itself. 

This is what motivates me to actively share my feelings, thoughts, insights, and strategies through my posts, articles, eBooks/eResources, and music, hoping all of that would add value to someone and impact more lives than just mine.

I consolidated some of my earlier insights into these reflection guides (assessments). You can try the holistic wellness assessment and role success assessments by simply picking a role. Once you do, please drop me a message; I'd love to know what you think.


If you’d like to have a conversation about this or anything else of mine you’ve seen or read that triggered your interest, please use the link below to find a time that works for you for us to have a conversation. I am looking forward to it.

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