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CARVE Your Niche - Your Life Your Rules
  • CARVE Your Niche - Your Life Your Rules


    Find Your Purpose and Unlock Your Potential with CARVE


    In his insightful new book, author Dehumo introduces an empowering framework called CARVE that provides a roadmap to living an intentional, purpose-driven life. CARVE stands for Capabilities, Activities, Results, Value, and Evaluation. 


    By understanding these five elements and how they interconnect, you can gain clarity and control over your decision-making process to steer your actions towards meaningful outcomes. CARVE reframes your experiences as opportunities for growth, while stripping away limiting assumptions that may be holding you back.


    In this motivational guide, Dehumo walks you through the foundational pillars of CARVE using compelling stories and thought-provoking questions. You'll learn how to:

    • Define aspirational goals aligned with your values 
    • Develop the confidence to tackle challenges
    • Uncover and maximize your unique talents 
    • Align daily actions with overarching life purpose
    • Continuously evolve through self-reflection


    Whether you feel stuck in a rut or are thriving but seeking deeper fulfillment, CARVE provides an insightful system to own your personal development journey. Dehumo instills a "growth mindset" perspective centered on believing in your innate capacity for change and mastery over time. 


    If you're ready to actively shape your identity and path forward based on who you aspire to become, then this book will inspire you to take the reins – and CARVE your niche.

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