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Expressions... in memoriam

Music Production

Expressions... in memoriam

A tribute to a dear friend I lost in 2021. Her voice inspired me.

I lost a very dear friend in 2021. I recorded her so many times since 1996. She is featured on quite a few albums, Eledumare Vol 3 and Ebami Ki Baba Ku Ise. I even produced and recorded an album for her, Expressions of faith.

I spoke with her for the first time after so many years on a Monday where we talked about doing some new recordings on my next trip to Nigeria. She passed away the Thursday of that same week.

I can't say I have gotten over it but working with Jide Folayan (MMJ) and Gbenga Adenuga, I worked on 3 of the songs that were on the expressions album with new musicans, new arrangements by MMJ.

The songs are Awa Na Re, Baba Gbo and Selah.

I hope to release these new versions of these songs in 2023 as a tribute.

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