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Realizing Project Value - Aligning Employee Behaviour

Facilitating Conversationalist:

Dehumo Bickersteth (EdD)

A masterclass empowering supervisors and team leaders to drive successful transformation by fostering role clarity, managing behavioral changes, and aligning individual accountability with project goals.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Non-Individual Contributors - Spervisors, Managers and Team Leaders

What the Masterclass covers:

  • Identifying and articulating the behavioral assumptions for project success

  • Assessing and addressing change impact to own role

  • Facilitating assessment and addressing of change impact to direct reports' roles

  • Monitoring and scaffolding change adoption and quality of adoption in self and team


There's a pivotal moment in every project when the official tasks wrap up, and the real work begins - the journey of adoption and value realization. As the curtain falls on the project's execution, a transformation takes center stage, challenging individuals to adapt, to let go of the old and embrace the new. It's a dance of change that demands new rhythms and steps, a shift in the very essence of accountability.

The heart of this change? The promise of new results, a testament to the project's intended value, and the embrace of new methods, or even familiar ones clothed in a new guise. This is where our specially crafted masterclass comes into play, designed not for the solitary worker but for those who lead - the supervisors and team leaders.

We take aim at the often overlooked but crucial behavioral aspect of change. The masterclass is a compass, guiding these leaders to grasp and manage the ebb and flow of change by sharpening the focus on role clarity - for themselves and their teams. It's about understanding that every transformation is a treasure map to a trove of value waiting to be realized, a shift in the goals pursued and the actions undertaken to unlock that potential.

The journey isn't one-sided. These leaders, armed with their personal experiences, are not just travelers but guides, leading their direct and indirect reports through the often daunting landscape of change. Together, they traverse the path of transformation, turning challenges into triumphs and change into lasting value. This is the true essence of our masterclass - a journey of transformation navigated with clarity and purpose.


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