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Leveraging Expert Knowledge in Organizations: Unleashing Digitalised Knowledge Assets

Facilitating Conversationalist:

Dehumo Bickersteth (EdD)

A comprehensive masterclass guiding Subject Matter Experts on creating, structuring, and digitally packaging content for optimal accessibility and utility, using familiar Microsoft office tools and new AI-powered technologies.

TARGET AUDIENCE: All employees who create documents, powerpoint decks, policy documents, guidelines, standard operating procedures, project documents, etc.

What the Masterclass covers

  • Thinking Differently About the Content We Create at Work (Mindset)

  • Content Structuring for Digital Delivery Using Familiar Tools

  • Digital Authoring and Publishing Using Familiar Tools

  • Exposure to Content Production and Other Structuring and Authoring Tools


In every nook and cranny of an organization, there are employees tirelessly crafting content - PowerPoint presentations, policy documents, standard operating procedures, or even training decks. This content, a treasure trove of internal knowledge, is often undervalued, its vast potential for learning and record-keeping left untapped.

Among this wealth of information, the longer form content – policy documents, SOPs - hold invaluable insights yet are often overlooked, gathering virtual dust instead of guiding and inspiring those who need it. It's a classic tale of vital knowledge hidden in plain sight.

Enter our transformative masterclass. Designed for these very content creators, the workshop aims to bridge the gap between valuable knowledge and its optimal utilization. It's about empowering these creators, these custodians of internal knowledge, to structure and digitally package their content so that it's not just accessible but irresistibly engaging, all with the familiar comfort of Microsoft Office tools.

At the heart of the masterclass lies a trinity of focus areas: content modularization, interactive design, and digital packaging for distribution. And should your organization boast a digital publishing platform, we won’t just incorporate it, we’ll celebrate it as the ideal tool for the job.

But it doesn’t stop there. The masterclass will also lift the veil on a world of powerful, cutting-edge digital design and production tools. Tools that streamline the content creation process, simplify multimedia creation, and take aesthetics to new heights. Among these tools, the AI-powered ones promise a revolution in the way we create and consume content.

Our mission is clear: to turn the tide on underutilized knowledge, to bring it out of the shadows and into the spotlight where it can truly shine and benefit all. It's time for a digital knowledge renaissance, and it begins here.


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