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Leaders developing Leaders - Nurturing Early Leadership Potential

Facilitating Conversationalist:

Dehumo Bickersteth (EdD)

Reimagining Leadership Development: A Comprehensive Approach to Nurturing Future Leaders from Junior Talent Through Long-Term Career Management.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Human Resource Practitioners across Organization Learning & Development, Organization Development and Talent Disciplines

What this Masterclass covers:

  • What leadership potential and development mean to me

  • How I view myself as a leader, my potential as a leader and my development as a leader

  • How do my beliefs affect my approach to identifying and developing leadership potential especially in junior staff

  • Practical tips and steps to take towards surfacing, recognizing and developing leadership potential in the most junior members of your team


Imagine a world where leadership potential is recognized and nurtured early on in a professional's career, not only when they've already ascended the corporate ladder. This is precisely the transformative vision this masterclass seeks to bring to life.

The majority of organizations pour resources into leadership development too late in the game, often when individuals are least receptive to change. But what if we could flip the script? What if we identified and cultivated leadership aptitude among junior talent, those who are still open to learning and growing? And what if we did this not just based on academic records or formal assessments, but by considering the whole person and their breadth of experiences?

In this masterclass, we challenge participants, primarily non-individual contributors and HR practitioners, to shift their perspective. We delve into the heart of what it means to be a leader, breaking down current assumptions and beliefs, and encouraging a mindset pivot towards a holistic, person-centered approach to leadership development.

By focusing on individuals and their unique experiences, we create an environment conducive to showcasing leadership potential. In doing so, we not only identify investment-worthy talent but also pave the way for a future that boasts a pool of highly capable and self-aware leaders. This masterclass is about embracing a new way of doing things, a way that scales effective leadership development at the junior level, fostering a rich reservoir of talent ready to excel in roles where their unique leadership style and strengths will truly shine.


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