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From Knowledge to Mastery: Future-Proofing Workforce Skills

Facilitating Conversationalist:

Dehumo Bickersteth (EdD)

An innovative workshop for HRD, L&D, OD, and talent development professionals, focusing on the design and development of digital curriculums for mastery-based skill learning in the era of AI and automation.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Human Resource Practitioners across Organization Learning & Development, Organization Development and Talent Disciplines

What the Masterclass covers:

  • Our current obsession with knowledge and the dangers of not adapting

  • What mastery means and why it the key to the future of work

  • What pivoting from knowledge to mastery means for leaders and the people function

  • Practical steps for making the shift


In the wake of rapidly advancing technology, knowledge workers once immune to the rise of the Industrial Revolution now find themselves in the crosshairs of escalating AI capabilities. The chessboard of the workforce is shifting, and the focus is shifting from knowledge to skills - specifically, cognitive skills such as creative problem-solving and human-centeredness.

This transformation is a journey from the realm of subject matter expertise towards the mastery of tasks and actions like sense-making, decision-making, and communicating. The language of skill development is spoken through practice and social learning, with an emphasis on deliberate practice, reflective practice, and scaffolding. As this new era unfolds, HR/L&D teams are racing against time, strategizing how to design and develop these skills within their workforce at scale.

The landscape of solutions may seem vast, with digital content and platforms appearing as the go-to panacea. But while these tools are an integral part of an effective scalable solution, the true efficacy lies in the bedrock of design theory and principles.

Enter our masterclass - a lighthouse amidst the storm of change. Crafted for HRD, L&D, OD, and talent development professionals, those at the heart of their organization's evolution, it offers an illuminating perspective on the utilization of digital content as scaffolding for mastery-based learning in workplace curriculum development.

This masterclass is more than just a learning experience - it's a catalyst, igniting a shift in perspective and equipping professionals with the insights needed to navigate their organizations through the waters of change towards the horizon of mastery-based learning.


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